Community Based Courses

The African American and African Studies Community Extension Center offers a five-part series community-based course in partnership with the African History in America Collective.  The goal of the course is to take Global African History to our community, across all ages, on a consistent and sustained basis to equip the community with the tools to make informed independent decisions that will empower them to collectively control their own political, economic and cultural destiny.  

Past topics that have been covered in the five-part series are:

  • African History in America: Part 1 — Communal Africa, the African Slave Trade, European Colonialism, and the Creation of the African Diaspora
  • African History in America: Part 2 — 1500–1896:  Capitalism, Colonialism, Slavery, and African Resistance, Rebellion and War
  • African History in America: Part 3 — 1896–1945:  Mass Movements and Agitation for Freedom, Independence, and the Destruction of Apartheid-Segregation
  • African History in America: Part 4 — 1945–Present:  The Global African Struggle for Independence, Civil, Democratic, and Human Rights
  • African History in America: Part 5 — Colonialism and the Struggle for Independence in Africa: 1850–1960s