Discovery is the foundation on which Research 1 Universities are built. Research that unearths or brings to light new knowledge that impacts people's thinking and various sectors of society is a highly valued commodity. Colleges and universities are ranked in large part according to the volume, nature and impact of research conducted by its faculty and students. In keeping with the objectives of a major research university each year selected graduate students will participate in a joint research project directed by the CEC's director. The purpose of said research is four fold: 1) to foster a mentor-mentee relationship that will last throughout the student's tenure at OSU 2) to write a paper that the student can present at the Center before an audience of professors, students and community residents. In some instances the paper will deal with an issue that affects members of the Mount Vernon Avenue community or the broader African American community; hence sharing the findings at the Center seems to be an appropriate venue for discourse. Also presenting the student's work at the Center serves as a dry-run for the subsequent step 3) after the paper has been presented at the Center the students will then take their work to a national conference where they will present their study on a national stage 4) finally once the student returns to campus he/she and the director will continue to polish the paper with the objective of submitting it to a refereed academic journal for publication. Having a refereed journal article on one's resume will increase their market value whether they apply to PhD programs or pursue careers outside of academia. Also the CEC will develop a lecture series whereby scholars from the social sciences, humanities, the arts, and the sciences will be invited to the Center to present an aspect of their research that speaks to the interests of OSU and the community at large. An annual conference will showcase Center supported research and provide an opportunity to cultivate relationships with nationally known scholars, policy makers and community residents who have an interest in or are working in the same field.