Learning (scheduled courses)

Typically when people think of learning they think of instruction that occurs in a traditional (oncampus) classroom. To be sure, most of what students learn while in college takes place on campus. And while on-campus instruction has been the bedrock of learning in higher education for well over a century the new millennium requires that colleges and universities offer unconventional avenues for learning in order to address some of the issues that we will be forced to confront in this rapidly evolving world. Consequently, the Director in conjunction with the Center's Senior Program Coordinator and the Chair of the Department of African American and African Studies will develop a list of course offered at the Center. The Center will also offer noncollege credit courses for adults, children, as well as for those preparing for post-secondary education. According to a study of the Mount Vernon community conducted by students at OSU under the direction of Dr. James N. Upton, many people are interested in taking college level courses at the Community Extension Center. Although this study was conducted years ago its findings remain instructive. The Department of African American and African Studies faculty as well as faculty from other departments and academic units will be encouraged to help develop and teach these classes.